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About VIRIYA scholarship

Viriya is a Pali word which means Right Effort. This is defined as using persistent effort to work for the benefit of others through our thoughts and actions. This means that doing a good job may not be sufficient, it must be done with good intention and the intention must be pure. As part of Viriya scholarship, Touch a Life Foundation will be selecting hundreds of deserving girl students every year in the age group of 15-21 years old to provide them full scholarship for their ongoing education in school or college. The selected girl students have a dream of becoming IAS officer, Doctor, Lawyer etc and they will be able to fulfill their dreams using the financial aid provided by Touch a Life Foundation via its generous pool of donors.

The selected girl students will get financial assistance via our donors which will aid them for their education, career skill development, health and hygiene, and nutrition. Apart from financial assistance, every selected girl during the continued scholarship will also get a savings bank account in her name, health insurance, and a Laptop with internet connectivity. This will ensure that we are empowering every girl on all fronts of education, job, health and financial & digital inclusiveness. This will not only transform their own lives, but also will transform lives of their family and community, and in the process will also uplift the society and will contribute towards growth of the nation.

How have we selected the girls for VIRIYA scholarship?

Touch a Life foundation has selected genuine and deserving girl candidates for VIRIYA scholarship after rigorous selection process which involves verifying girls identity and educational documents, and her family income and economic status. We conducted events in their locality. And we have physically visited their houses to meet them and their family members and conducted the interviews. We took time to understand their problems and challenges, and their dreams and aspirations and how best we can help them to create a positive impact in their lives. Thereafter we analyzed all the data and took help of our advisory board and team of experts to select the most deserving and genuine girl candidates.

How can donors contribute?

The donors can contribute by making a one time payment of either Rs. 26,000 or Rs. 19,000 in the bank account of Touch a Life Foundation for VIRIYA scholarship. The payment receipts will be provided to all the donors. This amount goes to a generic pool which is then used to provide scholarships to selected girl students. The scholarship amount is sent to the girl student either by cheque or via online bank transfer directly to the bank account in the girl student's name or in her parent's name. Later girl students also submit the receipts of paid school and college fees and other related expenses. The scholarship amount, transfer details and receipts etc can be provided to donors on request. Also donors will be able to interact directly with girl students and their parents via video call. This will give them satisfaction that their contribution is helping to change and transform the lives of these girl students. If donors want, we can also connect them to some of the Touch a Life Foundation's past well wishers, partners, donors and patrons. We take a pride in our integrity, ethics and transparency and hence we have many testimonials to speak for our past initiatives e.g. Dreams Project, assistance for girls at orphanages etc.

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