Our Team

Dhaaraa Jain

(Project Head)

I have always wanted to work for a cause that actually brings a difference in this world & peoples life and then I found Touch a Life Foundation which is so authentic & real. They figure out the deep concerns of girl child's education and help them from the start to end till they stand on their own feet. I am grateful for this platform and for the change it has brought into my life & those of others.

Govind Sinwal

(Creative Head)

Touch A Life not only provides financial help but also their time, expertise, love and smiles. I wish more people would come and contribute to touch a life foundation because I am so proud to be one and not many people contribute to the welfare of the society.

Eesha Vaka

(Project Strategist)

Touch A Life Foundation has now become family to me. I’m very grateful to be a part of envisioning a brighter future for underprivileged girls who seek to spread their wings and broaden their horizons.

Yashita Parekh

(Content Creator)

I come from the privileged section of the society, which I realised after my first day of volunteering at touch a life foundation.It was an eye opening experience for me where I met strong and competent girls from the underprivileged section who were in need of some help so they could fly with bright colours.

Sourabh Deshmukh

(Outreach Coordinator)

Contributing time and efforts at 'Touch a life,' an NGO that supports underprivileged girls with their education, is an incredibly fulfilling experience. As a team member, you get to contribute to an organisation which is making a positive impact in the lives of young girls who might not otherwise have access to education.

Priyam Rai

(Career Advisory)

Touch a Life Foundation gave me a platform to experience Joy and Satisfaction of educating talented women from economically poor background. Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.

Salma Moin

(Skill Based Project Head)

I am so glad to be a very small miniscule in this journey. I truly believe that the real empowerment for girls comes from being independent. Education gives you that platform. There is nothing stronger than a free thinking independent girl. Stop at nothing.

Neelam Nayana Neog

(Reasearch & Communicator)

I always wanted to be a part of NGO, working for girls and empowering them, helping them in their needs. Thanks for giving me the privilege to be part of this. I hope I can be of more help to you all.

Charitha Ramayana

(Program Manager)

Touching and empowering the lives of the needy gives me the utmost satisfaction. Touch a life gives me the chance to do it.

Titiksha Mittal

(Sub Project Head)

Touch a life foundation was introduced to me by my mother and soon enough I had realised that many girls in Hyderabad itself need our help and how only few people step forward to do so. WIth every project at the foundation I'm enlightened by the positivity and I'm reminded to be grateful and help others:)

Yukti Hindocha

(Project Coordinator)

Touch a life foundation has taught me the importance of education and of being financially independent. Most importantly it has made me realise how privileged I am. Girls in many areas of Hyderabad are not able to pay fees for their education. I am really thankful to be a part of touch a life foundation which helps such girls.

Khushie Majhithia

(Education & mental health consultant)

I am very glad to be a part of Touch A Life Foundation who are engaged in uplifting and educating the underprivileged females with utmost care and affection. With a honest objective they are helping the said females blossoming into financially independent and responsible citizens of India.

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