Help Radhika achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer. Despite financial hardships, she inspires others with her hard work and determination. Touch a Life Foundation supports her with guidance and resources. Donate now to help provide the books and fees she needs to succeed.

Help Shweta become a police officer and provide for her son. Despite getting married at an early age and now being a single mother, she aspires to create a better future for her family. Donate to Touch a Life Foundation to support her dreams and empower her to become an independent woman.

Molika's father's alcoholism and lack of financial support make it difficult for her to pursue her dreams. Her mother works as a maid but their income is insufficient. Your help can make a difference.

Help Martina achieve her dreams. Donate to the Touch a Life Foundation today. Her father's income as a sofa maker is not enough to fully fund her education. Your support can make a significant impact.

Sai Bhavna dreams of becoming a doctor, but her family's financial situation is challenging due to her father's disability. Despite her mother's efforts to earn a living, they struggle to fund Bhavna's education. Please consider donating to Touch a Life Foundation to help Bhavna achieve her goals.

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